Joe Krolick – Now and Then

Letztens bin ich auf ein kurzes Interview mit Joe Krolick gestoßen. Ich hatte ihn und seine Classic Clips ja bereits vor ein paar Monaten hier auf’m Blog vorgestellt.
Die Fragen stellte Manny Santiago, Teammember der Clothing Firma Famous Stars and Straps, die Krolick als Filmer angeheuert haben.
Er spricht unter anderem über sein damaliges Idol und den jetzigen HD Hype. Schade zu hören, dass er sich an den HD-Look gewöhnt hat.
Aber lest selbst:

Joe is not only a good friend but an amazing videographer, who also shoots photos, and puts together amazing edits. The mind set that Joe has for making a video is like no other. If you were to meet Joe you would right away feel like he was your friend since you were a little kid. I am glad to have him as a friend and a mentor.

1. Who was one filmer that you look up to while growing up?
Dan Wolfe. Just seeing him around Philly and then Eastern Exposure 3 came out and I was blown away!

2. What is your take with VX being push out and becoming HD?
Sad to say but I’ve grown accustomed to Hd Look. With 16×9 there is a lot more to play with in framing and resolution. The vx1000 had its run. Just like the Hi8 vx3. The panasonic and DSLRs are getting their shine now. We are in a transitional period with cameras. Companies are looking at the next guy to make a move for prosumer cameras.

3. Where has been your favorite place you travel to for filming?
Most productive would have to be Barcelona but favorite would be china for sure.

4. When are you going to drop a how to film like Joe Krolick Book?
As soon as Manny Fixes his front tooth.

5. Why do you think some filmers won’t give up the VX for the HD?
HD is a money pit There is always some accessory or lense to buy. I think we are stuck in our ways. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

6. How has filming change since you started?
When i started it was a dream to get footage in 411 or a company video that you had to wait for to come out. Getting a clip in a video really meant something. It’s instant gratification now.. online videos, but I’m not mad. Roll with it or get rolled over.

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Eine Antwort zu Joe Krolick – Now and Then

  1. Admin schreibt:

    jetzt erübrigt sich auch deine Frage warum Krolick seit neuestem Werbung für Nigel K. Alexander auf seinem Kanal macht…. 😉
    Von Mikendo hat er sich auch was abgeguckt.
    Naja trotzdem nicht zu verachten was er die Jahre davor gemacht hat!

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